Our earth is endowed with all that life needs. Life is a composite system of millions and millions of plant and animal species, mutually supporting, supplementing or complementing. The human being is the only one among this species. Man’s intellectual development has reflected in the form of scientific and technological advancements, industrial growth and agricultural modernization. All these have distanced the highly civilized man from the rest of the living world. Though originally designed to be a frutivore he is now the most voracious omnivore, and the monstrous consumer of all natural resources posing the greatest threat to the very existence of life. In fact, the modern man has been digging his grave since long past inviting novel diseases and innovating new wave drugs as an outcome of his modernized fast food habits and lifestyle specially designed to cater to the greed of the tongue, rather than the need of the body. This unwelcome situation has led to the emergence of diseases like autism, cerebral palsy, microcephaly and several other similar disorders. The modern medicine stands helpless before these diseases of cerebro-spinal origin. As a result thousands of the victims fall a liability of society and are side lined from the main stream to meet with a miserable end.

Mother Nature is not that cruel to punish the differently-abled who are so for no fault of theirs. She has in her treasure trove a rich stock of medicinal plants which have miraculous power to prevent or cure the diseases with great specificity. These herbal remedies identified from the green world, processed and administered by practised hands have proved hundred percent effective against such diseases. This traditional system of herbal treatment not only does envisage a curative process, but also a preventive role to save the future generation from falling a victim to these disorders.

The Indian Herbal Therapy Foundation headed by Mr. M.I. Mathews Vaidyer is wedded to this philosophy in treating the dreaded diseases of cerebro-spinal origin on this.

How graceful this world would be if there were no human beings who are differently abled by disorders of cerebro-spinal origin!

Man is not born to be pron to diseases while ways and means are at doors to help him lead a healthy life. Most of us are going ill, not unknowingly; but because we are unwilling to resist the greed of the tongue. The moment we start catering to the need of body, we start living a disease free life.

Let us Remember :

  • Nature nurtures virtues
  • Nature sustains life
  • Nature deserves love
  • Nature needs conservation

And that is why Gandhiji said :
The earth has enough for everybody’s need But not for everybody’s greed.